DSTV Nigeria Payment Customer Packages

DSTV Nigeria Payment Customer Packages

DSTV Nigeria Payment – Since the advent of digital and satellite television, DSTV which is known as Digital Satellite Television has been at the forefront of serving millions of customers in Africa with an array of packages and interesting channels. It is the most popular and has also been seen as the cheapest especially with the various options for different income earners in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The installation of the DSTV is largely done free especially if you have bought a particular package that will always involve decoder and satellite dish installation. Payments for installation however varies from location to location as some private installers might charge you for it but if from a certified DSTV office, you won’t need to pay for installation fees.

Free Channels/TV

DSTV does not offer you free channels. Even though when your subscription expires, you could still have some channels on but after a few hours you will be disconnected until your subscription fees are paid. Payment can be made in any of their outlets which can be found all over the country or it can be done online either on www.dstv.com or on banking applications, Quickteller and other payment options. The DSTV website provides options for you to know what applies to your country and payments can be made using different debit cards options; Verve, Visa, InterSwitch, MasterCard, etc.

Different types of DSTV Decoders and Packages

As stated earlier, DSTV has been able to build a universal brand in Nigeria especially with the various options can be afforded by almost every family depending on their level of income. Also, they have various decoders that have different capabilities like pausing of channels, recording and so on. Some of their channels include; HD Channels, HD PVR Decoders and mobile TV service.

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HD Channels are knows to offer high-definition images and pictures with good quality sounds. The channels available here include; SuperSport HD 11, SuperSport HD 12, SuperSport HD 3, MNET West HD, MMET Premium HD, iConcert HD, and Discovery HD Showcase.

For Sports fans and fanatics, the various packages have available sports channels on them but if you desire to watch all the sports channels that show the Barclays English Premier League, then you will need to go for the DSTV Premium Package at N13,980.

If you think that is expensive for you, one can go for the DSTV Compact Plus Package that offers you 90 percent of the Sports channels and this can be gotten at N9,420 per month.

HD Explorer Decoders

This is the most advanced decoder from and this is so because it offers you high-quality HD viewing, recording of up to 220 hours, internet streaming option to download videos online and more. Features include;

  • DSTV Catch up: This type allows you to catch with programs that you might have missed in the past.
  • DSTV Box Office: access to the latest blockbuster movies. You can rent and download any of the movies you want and keep them for 48 hours. The price of the decoder is at N65, 000 even though some online stores can offer you at cheaper rates.

HD PVR Decoders

This is another type of decoder that offers you other interesting features. HD simply means High-Definition and this comes with clearer pictures and images, quality sounds and more details about what programs you are seeing on your TV. The HD PVR decoders also has the feature of being able to pause live TV, record two programs while you see another one. They are more expensive than other decoder types but you get value for your money at the end of the day.

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DSTV Channels

As a digital and satellite television DSTV offers the best of channels in Africa that covers various areas of entertainment, movies, documentaries, news, music, religious, cartoon, etc. Their channels definitely cut across various age groups/bracket.

Meanwhile these channels are segmented into bouquets and packages that are differentiated by the channels included and the price you can get. The available bouquets include;

  1. DSTV Mobile (with compatible mobile devices) DSTV Mobile Devices
  2. DSTV Access
  3. DSTV Family
  4. DSTV Compact
  5. DSTV Compact Plus
  6. DSTV Premium

The DSTV Access offers the least number of channels and also cost the least amount and this also applies to DSTV Family and DSTV Compact. The DSTV mobile however is for mobile devices; NOKIA once produced a phone N5310 that could connect to some channels and let you watch live TV.

The DSTV Compact Plus is a combination of Compact option with more sports channels added to it. It offers you value that is in between the Compact option and the DSTV Premium.

The DSTV Premium is however the one with highest number of channels and also cost more than any other at about N11,000 a month.

Initial costs of installation which may also cover a one month plan ranges from N15,000 to about N75,900 depending on which package you are going for.

Costs and Channels

The Access package costs N1,800 a month with access to 45 channels. Initial installation cost is M15,900 and it also has some audio channels. This package does not have the HD Channels.

The Family package costs N3,600 and is regarded as the most popular package seeing that it offers reasonable amount of channels. It has a total of 55 Digital TV Channels. It also has audio channels like BBC, VOA and some other indigenous radio stations. The Installation cost is N17,900 and it does have HD Channels.

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The Compact option cost N6,000 with 60 Channels  and all the 24 audio channels. HD Channels are not available.

DSTV Compact Plus cost about N9,420 monthly. It has all the Compact Channels with an addition of two sports channels; SuperSport 7 and 10. It offers sports lover 90 percent of all sport channels.

DSTV Premium package is valued at N13,980. This has all the channels provided and the different features of HD Channels and audio channels. It has 85 exciting channels on it.

If you still desire more information on the DSTV, you can visit www.dstv.com.

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