Civil Service – Strategies of Promoting Productivity in the Nigerian Civil Service

 Civil Service – Strategies of Promoting Productivity in the Nigerian Civil Service

Civil Service – The term productivity may be perceived by different people in different ways and situations.This, according to Dr. Solomon, he defined productivity as comparism between the quantity of goods and services employed in turning out these goods and services.

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In this definition Mayer (1982) posted out that any organization which transforms inputs to output is engaged in production. With this statement, it becomes clear that almost any organization fits this definition.

Another author, A.M. Soha defines productivity as the volume of goods and services produce by a worker within some specified unit of the year, month, week, day or hours.

Productivity is a measure of production efficiency as a relationship between output and input. These definitions, how different people tend to view productivity. There is no yardstick to measure productivity in different situations. It is rather, general by used relating output to input. In discussing how different people look at productivity. It will be necessary to some example, of some people who would at one time or the other be involved in promoting productivity. For example, an economist may want to make comparison of productivity in standard internationally or between organizations. An account may view productivity in financial terms such as ratio between investments and returns. An engineer will tend to concentrate only in physical assets, while a personnel manager may be concerned with measurement technique to obtain result.

Finally productivity is the measure of how well resources are bought together in an organization and artilized for accomplishing a set of result. It is reaching highest level of performance with the leasing expenditure of resources.

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Productivity simply means a combination of effectiveness and efficiency combination of human resources, material resources and natural resources.

Effectiveness here refers to performance while efficiency refers to resource utilization

Hicks and Outlets (1982) also said that for the effectiveness and efficient to be achieved, the organization must apply production central so that they will opitim use their output Hicks and Gullets define control as a process by which management sees the part of civil servants, efficiency and effectiveness could no longer be assured from the servies of these employee.

The employees would wither bribe their way through in their line of duties or spend more time than scheduled or time mapped out for the job or work.

Specialized restrictive work process in the civil service, some employers are assigned with certain works that have specialized and restricted processes which led to work dissatisfaction and boredom.

Take for instance, the case of an executive officer who sits idle making on positive effort towards his organization will automatically affect their productivity negatively. According to Dr. Paul most of people functions that have routines to producing decline of the civil services. The demand for leisure time. Many employees make use of their official working period for leisures, abandoning their official duties. Some claim to have gone to errands while others claim to be going to hospital for treatment. In this way, the official working hours are almost wasted.

The resultant effect is decline productivity.

Conditions For Promoting Productivity in the Civil Service

The need for a concentrated effort in the promoting productivity in Nigeria is well documented. In 1976, government formed the productivity, prices and income board in 1978, there was inaugurated a multiparties national productivity scheme and state productivity committees were inaugurated in all the states in Nigeria. The following conditions necessary for promoting productivity in the civil services are:

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The employment system of civil servants should be done in such a way that meritocracy replaces quota. This will create the opportunity of employing the best and this will lead to productivity increase in the civil service.


The employed workers need training so as to be well equipped with knowledge required in carrying out their functions adequately and successfully too.

Motivation Of The Work Force

Workers of the civil service should be motivated towards high productivity. This can be done by giving them moral or materials support. Morally they should be give praises and commendations wherever they carry out functions intelligently and excellently too. Materially, the civil services employees should be given such things as attractive salaries, allowances free medical services. Subsidized houses rent and motor vehicles loan free transport programme for the workers. All these are essential motivations factors which if well applied will raise the morals of workers and thereby induce them to increase their performance which in turns lead to increase productivity.

Regular Meeting with Employee.

There is need for regular meeting with civil service employees and their top management. Such meetings will create a forum whereby both sides will discuss common issues and sort out means of improving their working conditions. In this way, promotion of productivity in the civil service will be facilitated or enhanced.

Proper Supervision and Disciplinary Actions

The supervisions of the civil service employees should live up to expectations.

The supervision function is very important so as to see that worker are carrying out their tasks as required.

Supervisors should carry out their tasks without fear or but should also be self disciplined so that the disciplinary action will be adequately applied and productivity will undoubtedly increase..

Encouragement of health competition. The various units of the commission should be encouraged on to be involved in health competition and attract some awards. In this way every unit will be involved in health competitions. For example workers trying as much as they can not record any absenteeism in a month will be given some awards.

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In this way every unit will be trying to see that none of its member staff is absent throughout the month. This should be made a continuous exercise in their way thereby promoting of productivity in the civil service will be in the increase.

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