Revenue Generation in Local Government Areas


The first national conference on local government in Nigeria pointed out that “the success or failure and effectiveness or ineffectiveness of local governments must, in final analysis, depend on the financial resources available to the individual local authorities and the way those resources are utilized”. [Read more…]

Revenue Collection Strategy in the Reformed Local Government

Revenue Collection Strategy in the Reformed Local Government

Many scholars have written on revenue generation in local government.  Sometimes, we hear the complaint that an organistion lacks funds.  What this means is that some action, which ought to have been taken, was not taken because no one took the initiative to make others see that need for action and so no action took place.

However, the literature to be reviewed would include books, journals, newspapers and official documents relevant to the subject matter of the study.

Since the introduction of the local government systems a lot of related work on problems of  revenue collection has been done.  Writing on the revenue of the local authority, Ronald wrath in his book “local administration in West Africa” emphasized alike, areas of tax are unceasing and apparently insoluble problem”. [Read more…]

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