The Morality of Abortion

The Morality of Abortion

Presently, people are never interested in discussing the moral implications of abortion owing to their claims that it is exclusively a matter for one’s conscience. But the existential fact and the fundamental evil of abortion lie on the intent to destroy the innocent fetus. “Therefore there is no justification for direct abortion, no matter the motive; hence every direct abortion is always an grace objective evil’’[1] in this chapter, the intent is to explore various arguments concerning abortion either for or against. [Read more…]

Abortion – The Role of Prostaglandins in Abortion

Abortion  – The Role of Prostaglandins in Abortion

Abortion – Prostaglandins can be defined as a type of “Eicosanoids” and eiscosanoids are a group of compounds derived from certain polyunsaturated fatty acids (principally arachidonic acid). Eicosanoids are so called because they are essential fatty acids (membrane phospholipids) derived from carbon twenty (C20)carbon skeleton and contain three, four or five double bonds, they can also possess a 5- carbon ring in its structure. [Read more…]

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