Problems Facing Agriculture in Nigeria (A Study of Enugu State)

Problems Facing Agriculture in Nigeria (A Study of Enugu State)


The problems that face agriculture in Enugu state originated from the inability of the farmers to adapt to modern system of farming. Viz, the application of fertilizer and the use of modern equipment to affect extension farming and increase productivity etc.

In some cases these have been caused by inadequate fund, lack of basic amenities, low level of education in agricultural system, lack of storage and processing facilities, pest and diseases that attack crops both in the field and during storage, instability to obtain from financial institution, transportation problem soil condition and poor marketing system most agriculture application nowadays   requires and educated person to read and understand the extent of its application coupled with the reaction if excessively applied.

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Based on all these factors listed above which resulted to low yielding of agricultural products outputs in the state. This research will not leave any stone unturned by listing those factors hindering the performance of agriculture in Enugu state and the possible solution to those problems in the agricultural sector of the date that is where this research draws its origin from.


Much has been written concerning the problems of agriculture as found in different textbook, journals, dairies of agriculture etc. the main concern of this research is to point out these authors or writers that have written something positively about the subject matters.

Infact Kenneth. Turk, in his test titled animal product in the tropic he printed out the key factors on ways the printed out the key factors on ways to improve and important of livestock industry to the future of any country or state. One of the ways is the supply of well trained people in order to provide the knowledge needed in all aspect of livestock or animal production. This training should involve the educating man and woman so as to enable them to make full of their capabilities and knowledge for the welfare of their   country. It should encompass people in all the inter-related field that are involve in livestock and other agriculture farm operators.

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However, in another development Ogieve Erebor and David T. Johnson (1998) in their work maintained that low level of education of farmers is among the bog problem that are serious affecting agricultural production. They stated the poorly educated farmers are more conservative and are less ready to accept modern technological ideas in agricultural practices.

Moreover, emedo A.B.C (1989) in their work maintained that lack of storage and processing facilities is another problem that is seriously affecting agricultural production in underdeveloped countries or states. They stated that farmers and processing facilities. Most of their agricultural products especially vegetable animal and fish product are perishable because they cannot store for a long time without going bad. This is because they have little or no processing facilities the few they have are the inferior types, barn and rafter for example are storing places for yam and maize respectively. They are poor in quality as high losses of these crop are usually recorded during storage since these storage and processing facilities are lacking most of the agricultural product are sold at give away prices during the harvest period for fear of their getting spoilt only to a very dear when the product are scare in the market.

In my own view from the school of thought mentioned above, we understand that there is low production of lies in the state and that the problem lies in poor in education system facilities, lack of adequate storage and processing facilities, poor marketing destruction system which greatly reduces the availability of food and livestock produce.

I am of the view that farmers should be properly educated/ trained to enhance larger scale production and better application of agricultural technology in the agricultural sector the state.


The school of thought, relevant to this study has gone a large extent to disclose the importance of studying this problems that face agriculture and seek to find possible solution to each an every one of the.

Agricultural science school of thought Kenneth L.Turk said that low level of causes the problem of low animal livestock production. And this can be eliminated through the supply of well trained or educated to improve livestock production in the agricultural sector.

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Ogieve Erebor and David T. Johnson in their work maintained that the caused of poor storage facilities and inability to adapt to the modern use of agricultural technology is caused by low level of education by the farmers. And they also maintained that proper education is farmers on the use of modern agricultural technology can also enhance the level of agricultural produce in the state.

Emdo A.B.C. and Maduka B. C. also maintained the caused of poor storage and processing facilities and inability to adapt to modern use of agricultural technology is caused by lack of adequate extension service for farmers. This is because undereducated farmers generally mistrust the use of new machine, chemical and farming technique. They also maintained that farmers lack adequate storage and processing facilities and this is because there is no storage and processing facilities available for processing and storing agricultural product. This people in their work maintained that this problem should be eradicated by sending agricultural extension and agro-service workers who would be working under the direct supervision of the ministry of agriculture to the rural areas to inspire and educate the farmers on the use of various mechanized farmers on the use of various mechanized farming equipment which include tractor, ploughs harrow, rigger, planters harvesters and use herbicides and pesticides. They also maintained that provision of good processing facilities factory vegetable oil processing factory and modern milk canning centers good and modern storage facilities like silos, cold store, cribs, bins etc. this would enable the farmers store the agricultural product in such a way as to make them available in large quantity at all season of the year, with spoiling or depreciating in value.


The method that this research in studying this problem is questionnaires and interview. However some relevant information is obtained from published to the formulated and administered to the respondents. Some of them were to respondents. Some of the respondent to answer “yes” or “no” some also had multiple choice answer which enable them to choose among the alternative answer while the rest were open ended which allowed the respondent to express his /her opinion for the question some of the top farmers at Enugu state were also interview by the researcher. They were asked specific question for the study.

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This research started by enlightens the need to pay attention to the problem that face agricultural practice specialist in Enugu state, where this research is said to be originated from. It was observed that for some past years ago, the state is standing still in her production. This research lamented in different causes of this problem was reviewed and the major ways of solving them was placed to the government of the state.

Furthermore, emphasis was made on the need for carrying out the measures that are been outlined in order to make the state worthy of agricultural production. Some people them provide good means of tracking this problem were also quoted are some quoted previous understanding that were meant for resolving the issue of these subject matter.

Finally the statements of different method of studying this problem were mentioned.

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