Nigeria Economy – The Effects of Strike on Nigerian Economy

Nigeria Economy – The Effects of Strike on Nigerian Economy

Nigeria Economy – Nigeria is a country which came to be in the year 1914 and got their independent 1960. In Nigeria society the word strike have been an experience, eye witness and very common to citizen, foreigners and all those which are under the umbrella of this nation. The ugly incident started from precolonial to post colonial and even more rampant at this 21 century.

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Strike is a situation where workers refuse to work as a protest or labour revolt, walkaway from duty post. In this our great nation strikes have a great impact in our economy. This impact of strike is uncountable and the major reason our great nation, the world third oil producing country fall under  undeveloped in world ranking of development. As a layman define strike as to hit something hard or with force to fall. Strike has stroked Nigeria economy and bring it to zero level. A close mouth is a closed destiny said John Markson. It is clear that no country will progress for going on strike since it make the whole economic to be dormant. Strike brings our economic like politice, wealth education, and evolutional change to zero level.

In area of Education: It has been the ideal thing in Nigeria society that no regime will complete its tenure without students going on strike. In the year 1999-2006 during those regime of Olusegun Obasanjo as President of Federal  Republic of Nigeria have bring educational movement to a zero level in Nigeria. It was in this year that I found the kind of country God place me into it. student strike started from higher institution of learning to O’ level education. I can state clearly with the little knowledge of mine that a dollar is equivalent N80.00 then. It was in this regime when Adams Oshiomohle was the minister of labour. As a man of integrity who did not mistook God to evil always declare strike to whole labour when government give deaf eye to cry of education institution.

In this 1999-2006 import and export was at zero level since there is no movement, which lead to depreciation of currency over supper world currency for example $1 is equivalent to N80.00. It later depreciates from N80 to N120 and finally to N165. It was in this regime that Nigerian universities depreciate in world ranking from 2218 to 3,648. It is in this regime that Aka-eze Aka of NTA Enugu station broad cast to the world that Nigeria university which have going on strike time without number have produce a graduate who can neither speak nor write her name. In accordance with him, “education is the bedrock of every national economy”. Any country who rejects education rejects development.  It is in this avenue that “I Mr Aka-eze aka got information that a Nigeria university in Northern part of the nation has produce a graduate who can neither speak nor write her name”. Since this day to day going on strike in this regime our graduate lost it value. They are no longer have regard in the world. This problem has lead most of our citizen to risk their life in such countries like Ghana, South Africa, U.S.A Britain etc in search of quality education. The victim of this citizen which are try to avoid inferiority complex have lead to lost of life, money and build of other countries’ economy. Where we have above 77 private and government higher institution to spend this  money on to build our economy.

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1999-2006 strike to narrow it down to Enugu state of Nigeria Economy. In 1999-2006 Enugu state of Nigeria was govern by Dr Chimaroke Nnamani who bring education at the bottom level of ever its exist before. It is at this regime that citizen of Enugu State Polish this Student Strike as “State own cake” It is an eye saw, after national strike Governor Enugu state will refuse to release state fund for teacher. This had lasted more than six months strike in the state. He decreased the teachers and lecturers’ salaries and despite of that does not pay for the one he agreed to pay them. This ugly incident had led to armed robbery by the students, lecturers, hunger, death of masses and dormant state of goods and services. It is in this 1999-2006 that I the presenter know meaning of cultism and witness the operation. It is this years that the rank of being a member of cultism especially 22 and Barger was only white collar Job for youth in Enugu. This six months strike destroyed education economy, leaders of tomorrow, properties and even high skilled workers which would deliver this country from calamity.

In area of evolutional change: Evolutionary change which is gradual development and changes. These changes have been ear hearing to Nigeria society. Change cannot occur when there is no work force. Nigeria has destroyed this evolutionary change with dormant state called strike. In the view of this reason, he does not only destroy this evolutionary change but equally destroy effort of founding fathers of sociology such as August Comte, Herbert, Spenser, Karl Marx, Emil Durkenm etc. the mission of this founding father that a society, will move from simple to complex i.e. from un-develop to developed have been only in the dream that we see it.

Evolutionary change is believed to gradually orderly change. Very often it is planned like better health situation. It is only in Nigeria that physician go on strike and will allow to last more than a month. This strike of healthcare is always resulted in the death of most of our prominent men, talented men who would have move and find a better solution to this country.

It is obvious that nothing on earth has no solution as long as life is concern. There is a popular “Igbo” (one of ethnic group in Nigeria) proverb says “Ugwu muta Mgbaji ukwu amuta analigo ya ebido aka na ikpere” which means if a mountain learn how to break human hip bone, we learn to place our hand in knees and climb it little by little. Poor respond and deaf eye government give to the issue of our worker going on strike have make many  of our citizen to learn this new device and method Hmm! God Nigeria will never develop as long as this device is still working out. This device is “I will go to work, but I will never be productive. I will be body presence but total mind absent.

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This device has dealt with our economy and violates the evolutionary change which leads our economy to be immobile. All we are witnessing is depreciating of our Currency, Healthcare etc. imagine a country where there is un-functional emergency hall in the health sector because of “I will go to work but I will not be productive” caused by government deaf ear to citizens’ strike. It is clear that the word emergency means sudden serious and dangerous event or situation which needs immediate action to deal with it. Our emergency in health care delivery has lost it password and turn to card purchasing because of impact of strike.

On 12th April 2008 1, the presenter is an eye witness of this effect. My immediate elder brother John Okafor who fall sudden sick and was unconscious. We took him to the university of Nigeria teaching hospital (UNTH) Enugu branch and we are told to purchase card before he will be admitted into the hospital. In doing this, for justice to prevailed, and that is, how I lost my dear brother and mentor. It is this device, introduce to the blood stream of every Nigerian by the impact of strike that lead to the death of my dear brother.

Strike and its component have lead to the death of million of our able citizen which would move evolutionary change. Rebranding of economy said Nigeria government to meet up the word standard economy in the year 2020 will be justify if we eradicate strike and build our labour, to the standard.  Give ear to labour whenever this right wants to be exercised. Deliver the mind of those “I will go to work but I will not be productive” the sign of re-branding economy with the aid of our oil will be effective.

In area of National security: security is the strength of the nation said by Great Novolist Dr. Nevo Callistus. Nevo Chienye, Okafor James, Okoye Felicia, Okafor Onyima and Ikenna Igwe (IMT Enugu). This great Novolist sees tomorrowand said that even God who created us set his angels as heavenly security; it is in Nigeria that this strength of the nation is not handled properly. Although we are the best in world land soldier. Our soldiers have been recognized as world best land soldier but we are suffering insecurity on the same land where we are rank on it. Poor management and low quality ammunition have lead Nigeria police which is bedrock of security to several strikes. The impact of the strike have lead to several activities, bomb blast and terrorist attack have been order of the day to day witness. The funny thing about this impact is that our men went to peace keeping to other countries when they hand over good quality ammunition.

The concept public security and national interest have flourished when the administration have decided to tear gas the striking groups. It is this impact of strike which lead to poor management of force that resulted that a group can raise up to the world best land soldier and we will be begging for dialogue.

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In the year 1999-2006 regime was militant terrorism the world best land soldiers under this same land were defeated. This ugly incident have brought lost of economy, huger, lost of life and property. It is very clear that no human being in his right senses will see a lion and fight with a bare hand. Our world recognition soldier and police can not push strong attach to the terrorist with poor ammunition, A lot of money which would have been use tackle problem of unemployment by building company have been wasted in dialogue for terrorist attack in this regime. This problem of insecurity have bring our economy to zero level, since our citizen have found that this impact of strike on our force have lead to corruption among our force men. Citizens have found it as a very good reason to exploit government and this has lead from militancy to boko haram.

We have dialogue militant, boko haram have rise up and terrorizing our nation. It is very clear that foreigner who would have Build Company in this country to free our nation from the problem unemployment have step on they feet. In the international community our citizens are facing a lot of troubled due to impact of strike on Nigeria security. I could remember my uncle who went to Dubai last year and said he was called boko haram by white men. China which is world fastest growing economy has proved that it to the world that they can trade with Nigeria, reason to build their economy. But no international passport bearing Nigeria Logo will accept to live on their land.

The international union between Nigeria and other countries have felt because of the danger impose by this strike which the stresses created are hunger, threat and even anxiety.

Government who did not monitor strike impact even at this 21 century should forget re-branding of the economy.

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