Impact of Staff Development in Effective Management of Government Parastatal

Impact of Staff Development in Effective Management of Government Parastatal

This section of the study will review literature on the main topic and sub-theme these area are ground under the sub-heading as follow:

The concept of staff training and development.

Justification for staff training and development importance.

The importance of monitoring and mentors

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Off-the job training and Education is importance

Summary of related literature


Various conclusion shows that effective human relation do not come by chance. But by careful management planning implementation and follow up professional training as a per-requisite (Agwaniru, 1984). Beach (1986) defined training and development as an organized procedure by which purpose training and development according to Hinrich (1976) is the systematic process of altering the behavior or altitude of an employee in a direction to increase organizational goal. The idea of training and development as a continuous process by which basic information skills are acquired and upgraded and new skills are hearned as job changes Robinason (1978).pg 10 training and development aim at habits of the employee or the behaviour skills necessary to accomplish certain objectives of an organization (peter sheal 1990).he further described training and development  as face to face leadership that pull together people with different backgrounds, talents experiences, interests values and knowledge that encourage them to strip off responsibilities. How ever continued achievement and training with development of staff creates very conducive environment and helps them treat them selves as full scheme partners and contributors.

Mills (1990)  pg19 described training and development as a strategy by which skills of workers is enhanced to ensure undertaking of variety of jobs. This is to ensure that the work is properly sensitized into applying the learned  ski9lls, knowledge insight and attitude to achieve efficient ad effective management  of an organization. Training and development is also a complex educational strategy geared towards change in beliefs, attitudes. Value and secure organizational structure so that they can better adopt the technologies challenges. And dazzling rate of change and its effect. Beach (1986) pg 21 adduced  that training and training and development as process which leads to the format of format of valued and attitudes the relevant skill and proper knowledge of staff thereby contributing to the enhancement and improvement in the equality of a nation human resources  on which national development ultimately depends. It involves the individual workers knowledge, skills and attitude through instruction demonstration and planned experience to meet up with the present and future need of the organization.

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Managers and supervisors are traditionally the people that give orders. They control the work force and are responsible for the work and seeing that the employees get it done. In modern organizations however, managers and supervisors need to be increasingly involved in harnessing and developing employees and developing employees skills to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the operation (Sheal, 1992) pg23 he further noted that today organization are replacing managers and supervisors as order giver with the manager and supervisors as teachers, facilitator and coach. The order giver managers have all the answers and facilitators, mobilizes, sensitizers, fact seeker, fact giver, and conscientizer knows how to draw the answer out of those who know them best people doing the actual job (Naisbitt & Aburdene, 1992).

According to peter sheal (1992) pg 25 there is four main justification of staff training and development has become very much important. Rapid changes in technology and the job people do immediate and long term skills shortage. Change in the expectations and composition of the work force. Competitors and market pressures for improvement in the quality of product and services. a Rapid changes  in technology and the job people do: with the accelerating changes in technology and system many traditional industrial and clerical jobs have changed radically in the present job created  particular in the services and information  based industries. According to United States labour department, the average least three time during his working life. A similar situation applies to European workers who  are now facing the increased labour mobility and skill demands generated by the single  market . in order to cope with these changes people need portable skill that will keep  them employable when their current jobs changes, vanish of winds –up.

When the organization recruits staff they are the job but as the work environment and the job they need change, the need to up data their skills. Whether employee do not have opportunities for training retraining reorientation and development then the staff and their acquired skill can non-government establishment fails to provides these opportunities for training and development for  up dating their establ9shments will become obsolete.

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(b)     Immediate and long term skill shortage effect on training and development. Technology developments have led to a higher demand for skilled workers. As a result there is a decreased requirement for unskilled labour. Over the longer terms, skills shortage is expected to increase through the greater completing of jobs and the decreasing number of young people entering the workforce. In the west the babyboon generation of the post world war two period have become the nature employees of the nineteen seventeen. And eighteen ( Livy, 1980). He further adduced that such work force of 1970’s and 80’s will reach personable age in the early part of the next century when the baby burst of the 1960’s and 70’s will lead to a reduction in the working population. Again,  the skill gap only be over come by an expansion of training and developing of staff  opportunities, workers can the skilled labour  market, thereby reducing skill shortage and the pool of long – term unemployed and unskilled labour.

Changes in expectation and composition of the workforce, in the past people expected their education and training to last them for a life time. But now full – scale or time schooling is recognized as providing only basic foundations for a person’s working life time. In particular, the increasing proportion of managerial, supervisory and professional workers in the workforce has led to a greater demand for professional development opportunities. This is turn has encourage a demand from all levels of staff for increased training retraining, and development. Nobody wants to be obsolete.

Competition and market pressure for improvements in the quality of product and services, there is an increased recognition that only staff of quality people managers, supervisors, and staff with up-to-date knowledge and expertise can produce high quality products and services. Many organizations are introducing quality management and quality  assurance programmes which require the co-operation involvement and retraining of the work force if they are to  successful. Training and staff development are recognizes as the care primary means for achieving  the better quality products and services needed to complete in world market.

Benefit of staff and development this involves improvement of the organization through the following: staff recruit and retention. The prospect of on the job training and development tends to attract good quality job applicants. Staff turnover can also be reduced because training people who have opportunities for development gain more satisfaction and enjoy the sense that their potential is recognized. Using new technology and techniques and new works systems, in the largest companies there is often lots of technology but little in use and people feel left behind. The technology including feel left equipment, manufacturing stem, communications are changing so rapidly that up with the amount and variety of training that is requires. As the boss, you are job training for individual or small groups that are not big enough to form a class.

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Quality of product and services. Quality improvements lead to the greater customer satisfaction with your department work and with the organization as a whole identify people will manage and supervise potential  and thereby promote the long – term future of the organization. To staff training ensures learning from problems and experiences acquires learning from the knowledge , enhances promotion, job security, job potential, and motivation with job satisfaction.


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