Computerization and Its Impact on Organisation Efficiency

Computerization and Its Impact on Organisation Efficiency  (A Case Study of NEPA, Abuja).

Lack of awareness of what computer can do has been identified as one of the major forces militating against organizational efficiency.Many people do not know how the computer can be of useful to their organisation. It could also happen that because of the unencourgaing comments by those people who have developed an anti – computer syndrome. Little or no effort is made to find out how the computer can be gainfully applied.

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If one buys erroneous impression that computer is just the to complete for one’s job, one would not seriously consider employing the computer, if however, one sees it as a tool to enable one cope with complex decision or operations which otherwise be impractical, one stands a better chance of making effective use of computer.

Business today is conducts in an age of economy crisis and highly complex technology imposing on business management the need to implement sophistical business system which accord with present day needs.It is therefore very necessary that effective and useful information should be available to an organisation for effective decision making.We are now living in the age of information an environment which requires todays accountant, editor or manager to be versed in the use of computer of which he or she does not want o become obsolete suppose that a person responsible for a range of complex operations realizes that his decision are becoming more and more ineffective and that his organisation is suffering as a result.

It he is aware that this is due to his inability to guarantee the validity of the data guiding his decision making, he might not need much persuasion before he goes for a computer base management information system.Not being aware of what the computer can do limits peoples ability to desire the use of computer even when they have serious problems that conventional technique are unable to cope with.

To make this point crystal clear, it is worth while to recall just a few of the things the computer can do that should make it desirable to wide range of people. Computer based simulation means the creation at the model of a real – life system inside a computer and subjecting that model to varying stimulus observing the model behaviour in the process.

The probable behaviour of the real life – system under all possible operational conditions can thus be deduced even before committing any funds to the building of the actual system.Any decision error that might lead to damager costly modifications in the future. Or the ascondoment the project, if detected during computer simulation and the design is notified according to ensure that this system works satisfactorily after construction.

Any industry or us system which would cost a lot to build or lead to catastrophic accident if improperly designed. (e.g an airport), out to be simulated before committing available resources to it.

This dominates costly scarp net work activities later.

Anyone who is concerned with the design of costly or sensitive system and who becomes aware of the computers ability to peep into the future through simulation would certainly realize that the wastage through design errors for outweigh the cost of a table top computer that could solve the problem and should need no further percolation to the computer.

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Linear programming another very useful tool in decision making especially when resources  are scarce and the need arises to optionally allocate the available resources among cakes and biscuits using flour and sugar which are in short supply.

How much of each of these products should the firm produce with the available sugar and flour so as to maximize profit. This is the type of question which linear programming handle easily.

When one considers that a firm may have a lot of more than three products which compete for he available quantities of several different factors of production, the complexity of typical real life problem is better imagined.

A major problem controlling manager of large firms comprised of several development is how to control the individual departments.

Usually, departmental heads want to take decision which are their own and resent being dictated to all the time by the client executive. Chief executive wants to ensure that decision taken by departmental heads are not sub-optional but fit into the overall objectives of the whole firm.

The problem is now to find a way which will enable chief executive issue directives and ensure compliance by subordinated without appearing dictatorial.

Linear programming is a very effective means of achieving this type of management.

Critical path analysis reveals protective bottle necks in a network activities which if not tackled early would delay the completion of the whole process.

There are several other useful computer applications that one would cite but for want of space. Any rational individual who knows about all this an who has a need in this direction would certainly go for computer.

It is difficult if not possible, to involve more beneficial alternatives. Thus, lack of awareness is a key factor which slow down the space of effective computerization in a development country.


Many people view a form of computerization as a multi-million naira business but this only apply to multi-purpose and complex applications.According to Bertranim Raphed (thinking computer and inside matters) he say that computer is verse and needs to be studied daily to ensure its good state as such you need not just a computer operation to success in our computer business but also a computer analysis and programmer who at all times can handle services and repair the computer for effective and maximum performance.

But area of single purpose with defined objective require only low cost micro processor based systems whose cost has between hundred and thousand of naira depending on the nature of applications.There are other hidden cost involved owing a computer system but the important thing is an expert advice regarding optimum equipment selection.The expert cost benefit are analyzed by him in this filed, leading to suitable choice of equipment for a given application.


          Like in many other business, thee are fear in computer business and applications. Quite often, such people are salesmen who know very little or nothing about computer but who nevertheless make a living by selling computer equipment.

Ndubuisi John Ngene: A lecturer from Enugu state university, computer science and engineering: An understanding computer and information will prepare us for the challenges and opportunities computing offers and the ability to understand will interest and motivate us to learn more on this ever charging field of computerization.Many organisations have been mislead in the past into thinking that they would obtain sustainable technical support from some fake experts only to discover that their clients have either disappeared or always absent from their supposed offices.

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This causes many managers an untold embarrassment in the past in explaining their computer is not functioning inspite heary financial outlays in that direction. Such explanation by the managers create more fear of failure due to lack of understanding of computer and it’s information system thus, it’s put their mind off-computer for the time being.This is one of the primary cusses of anit computer syndromes.

One can avoid being a victim by consulting reputable consultant who past records in his area can easily verified and who is also knowledgeable in understanding computer hardware and software as he is when able to provide adequate guidance in all aspects of computerization. It is best to have a consultant who can be relied upon to work for the total success of the project, certainly there has to be some consultation fee which will be involved but this would be more than adequately compensated for by the certain knowledge that on his heading of success.


          Any computer organisation hoping to use the system on large scale should seriously consider owing it’s own computer system. E. F. L. Brech: instability of a computer system could give rise to a faulty system thereby erasing vital information or delay the computer jobs that should be done.

Where the organisation can not own it’s computer, the alternative would be to rent computer from other installations and if that installation suffers from requent break down or have many time sharing customers for it’s size and capacity.

Computer time would not be readily available and this would slow down the pace of system development for organisations using the installations.

Deadlines would not be methodology, cost overruns would be  familiar feature and frustrations will set in as vital operational or decision support information fail to materialize on time.

Often, the computer service department of such an organisation so affected would be accused of being inefficient by corporate management, when the fact is that they were not adequately equipped for effective operation due to the ideal of computerizing with bare hand involved in the organisation system.


Lack of computer equipment in an organisation is not the only thing that can cause frustration.

A fully equipped defined system development methodology is bound to be unproductive.

Every one works with one’s preferred style without proper co-ordination and documentation this can led to problems.

When computer based is used in decision making it is necessary to adopt a reasonable standard in all aspects of system development.

The area affected ranges from feasibility study, system analysis, program design, program coding, system testing and integration, hand over to users department and post delivering maintenance.

If each stage in software development is executed by all concerned in accordance to definite standard, then when a number of the team goes on leave, resign or die it becomes difficult to understand his past contribution or to extend his work.

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This situation would be quite different if there was no standard and individuals style are featured throughout.

If for any reason any member of the team drops out, because he alone can understand his work, the system he worked on may have to be redeveloped from scratch with a considerable situation.

When operation or decision support information is obtainable from the compute.

Any amount of money well spent in the training of computer staff is money well invested provide the computer graduate of higher institution bridge the gap between classroom experience and professional standards.

However, the establishment of university of technology (or Higher Institution of similar orientation) where course worth is blended with professional, training in an integral process, is certainly a step in the right direction. It should lead to the emergence of better equipment computer graduate.

          Expert advice is required in order to establish an effective system, development and maintenance standards and any investment in this directions is a good “stitich in time”.


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Computerization and Its Impact on Organisation Efficiency (A Case Study of NEPA, Abuja).

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