Analysis of Impact of Communication on Human Resource Administration

Analysis of Impact of Communication on Human Resource Administration (A Case Study of Ebonyi Staff School Of Health Technology (Ebsotech) Ngbo (2008 – 2010) 


 Analysis of Impact of Communication on Human Resource Administration –  The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 chapter iv Titled fundamental Rights. In the  section 39 the section states Right to freedom of expression and the press sub section (1) Every one shall be entitled to freedom of expression including freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference.

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Sub section (2) state that without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) this section every person shall be entitled to own, establish and operate any medium for the dissemination of information, ideas and opinions.

Communication and management scholars have recognized communication as a management process. Robert (1984: 90) put this view as the social glue used to found an organization in the first place. The project of building the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11: 1-9) was aborted as a result of communication breakdown.

Statement of the Research Problems

Most of the policies and practices involves in carrying out the human resource administration requires communication.

The Ebonyi State School of Health Technology Ngbo was set up to produce full and the much needed man power to implement Primary Health Care Services not only in Ebonyi State but to the entire country.

The problem is therefore to study the impact of communication on Human resource administration toward the achievement of its objective.

Other Problems:

It is to analysis the attitude of human resource of the Ebonyi State School of Health Technology Ngbo toward communication. It should also find out if communication can be used in the analysis of human resource administration.

Research Questions

1. Does the administration of the Ebonyi State School of Health Technology Ngbo apply communication in the day to day business of the institution?

2. Can adequate exchange of information within the institution enhance the attainment of both individual and institutional goals?.

3. What is the attitude of the personnel of the Ebonyi State School of Health Technology Ngbo.

Statement of the Hypothesis

The research will test the following hypothesis

1. Communication practices in Ebonyi State School of Health Technology (EBSOTECH) Ngbo do not impact on Human resource administration.

2. The impact of communication in EBSOTECH reflects on the human resource administration.

Delimitation of the study

The delimitation of this study will be based on the numerous journals, text book and the internet which will enable me to elicit information on the topic.

Moreover the presence of the supervisor and the GSM which will make it possible for me to call him whenever I am in doubt while carryout this study and a host of scholars in this institution who are always ready to contribute their professionals and disciplines directives and advise.


The researcher will have some constraints which would make it impossible for the work to be exclusively research in certain aspect of the work. In the area of the study there are records of communication which the researcher will easily access. The researcher will not be able to visit other schools of Health technology outside Ebonyi State for Comparism due to time factor.

Statement of Objectives

General objectives

1. To determine the relationship between communication and human resource administration.

2. To determine of human resource administration requires communication.

3. To determine functions of human resource administration.

4. To know whether the impact of communication can change administration process.

Specific Objectives

1. To explain various types and channels of communication which human resource administrators can apply.

2. To establish the benefits which human resource administration will gain as a result of the impact of communication?

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Significance of the Research Study

The study will be beneficial to the Ebonyi State School of Health Technology Ngbo as they need communication in their human resource administration.

The study will be significant to both communication and administrative experts as additional information to what they had already known. Their staff will be sensitized. 



The literature review of this work will be done, through the use of the work of some eminent scholars and professional in the field of human resource administrators and communication such as David Berlo Model, Schramm’s model. Communication is a pillar in human resource administration. (Ayotola Aremu and Olasukonmi 2006). They further added that it is a deliberate organization of experience information to effect a desired change in behaviour, and the  transfer of information from source to receiver and also as a process. They stated that the processes can be identified through some factors.

(a) It has no beginning and no end (receiver can become sender vice versa).

(b) The sequence event is plastic.

(c) It is moving

(d) It is no linear.

(e) It is circular/ cycle.

Human resource administration refers to the management of human capital within an organization or industry. It was previously called personnel management. Human resources is leading the way for improving the over all employment experience for billions of hardworking professionals  al over the  world. In addition, human resource administration provides, the business strategy by which institutions can meet the demand of the future.

In many organizations human resource administration is handled by a team of human resource professionals headed by a senior human resource director.

Communication theory:

A mathematical representation of the conditions and parameters affecting the transmission and processing of communication. An American engineer Claude Elwood Shannon in transmission and processing of communication. An American engineer Claude, Elwood, Shannon, etc. In the mid 20th century. Communication theory is chiefly of interest to communication engineers Moogh son of the  concept have been used in such field as psychology and linguistics.

This will be discussed under the following subtitle:

1. It is topical Background.

2. Classical communication theory.

3. Shannon communication model.

4. Application of information theory.

Historical Background

A brief historical background will be used to explain the interest in the concept grew directly from the creation of the telegraph and telephones in 1844 the American inventor Samuel Morse built a telegraph line between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, many land. He (Morse) encountered many electrical problems. This problem attracted the attention of many physicists such as Alexander Graham in 1875 that indented the telephone.


Procedure for Accomplishing Specific Objectives Models of Communication.

A model is a means of representing key elements in a process.

Aim: To explain various types of channels of communication which human resource administrators can apply.

In order to achieve the above stated specific objectives, the Shannon weaver’s model of communication will be used to achieve this objective stated thus.


The theoretical framework will be based on the management by objective (MBO) as it was first advocates by Drucker (1954) State that it is a means of harmonizing the objectives of individuals and groups in institution with institution or organization itself. This was popularization by Odione (1965), Schleh (1961) they placed emplaces on the activities for evaluation rather than the aspiration. MBO combines various aspects of administration and management such as palming, organizing and controlling activities. It stresses the following stages Agreement Delegation, Action and Evaluation.

Preference of MBO above Other Theories

This theory is preferred to other theories for this study based on the fact that it has the advantages such as

(1) Combining various management tools like planning organizing controlling and communication of activities.

(2) Although it has a pit fall of being cyclical in nature.

(3) It will be used in this study to ensure that there is organized harmony.


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The Effective Instruction and the Communication Process

In instruction  we can see that the administrator is the source.

Based on the policy and the objective, he select the content (or message) and

Encodes them (using media) the learner (destination) decodes the message.

Decoding as effective if the field of experience coincide

There is also feed back on whether the message was properly received. The feedback is in form of evaluation (using homework, tutorial, quizzes classroom discussion ete)

1. The effectiveness of communicator must be measured by the behaviour of the receiver who receives the message



This chapter will be focused on the method which the research will use to carry out the study. The researcher will use research design, survey, research setting, population sample, and sampling technique, instrument of the study, validity and reliability of the instrument as well as the procedure for date collection and analysis.


The Research Design

The research design for the study will be non experimental rather it will be described. It will also use other research tools such as observation and interview staff of the institution.

The Research Setting

The research will be conducted at the EBSOTECH. It will be amongst the corporate level, management cadre, Tutorial and non tutorial staff. Five percent of the student union executives will also be inclusive.

The Ebonyi State School of Health Technology Ngbo was established in 2007. it is not an autonomous; it is still regarded as a unit in the Primary Health Care Department of the Ministry of Health and Environment Abakaliki. This reason is that the Bill to established it has been proposed but has not been passed as a bill.

The institution with three Department mentioned hereunder or listed below:

1. The Environmental Health Department.

2. The Health Information Technology Department.

3. The Community Health     Department.


They are all Career civil servants and professionals in their various disciplines in health. They consist of health practitioners community health Officers medical laboratory scientist, medical records officer, environmental health officers, administrator non professionals, computer technicians clerical staff and office attendants.

Collection of Data

Sampling and Sampling Technique

About one hundred and twenty questionnaire will be distributed to the entire management and staff of the institution and collected.


Instrument of the Study

The instrument for this study will be questionnaire which be developed by the researcher.

Twenty three questions will be in the questionnaires. It will be made up of two sections. Section A will be made up of the social/personal demographic information about the respondents. While section B will be made up of questionnaire items on the Analysis of the impact of communication of human Resource Administration of EBSOTECH Ngbo. These will be expected to answer the research questions.

The respondents will choose the alterative and fill in the gaps.

Pilot Study

The instrument will be given to the staff of school of Health Technology Ezzangbo which is also of Health Technology institution”. This is to be test run or pre- test before going to be distributed at the designate area of the study. This will help the researcher to avoid unnecessary pitfalls during final data collection.

Soundness of Methodology


The reliability of the questionnaire will be ascertained by the use of test re-test method. The research will administer the questionnaire on a small selected group. A correlation of the result will be expected to be singular which will show the reliability of the test tool.

Validity of the Instrument

The research will present the questionnaire to her colleagues on some authorities of the Department of mass communication at the Ebonyi State University Abakaliki and the project suspensor for their comments, correction amendment and modification. Both face and content validity will be used to validate the instrument.

Date Collection

The questionnaire will be distributed to the subject in the Institution. One included and twenty officers will be selected.

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A request will be made to the management to permit/ approve. This is to crable full cooperation by the correspondents.

The researcher will be assisted by the clerical staff in her department.

The officers and staff will be given adequate time of two week to answer their questions separately and secretly in their various offices.

Data Analysis

The questionnaire will be  retrieved and after collation of the raw data, it into simple frequency tables, bar charts, histograms and pie  charts.


The Strength of the MBO

1. It has a personnel motivation of the subordinate who commits themselves to the attainment of the objectives of the organizational objectives.

2.There is the clarify of expected result

3. It has subordinates diversion of thought and effort to results

Weakness of the MBO

1. This requires a lot of patience between leaders and subordinate.

2. Statement of goals of the organization may be vague

3. There may be confusion between long term and short term range which will spell doom for the organization.

This theory is preferred to other theories for this study based on the fact that it has the advantages such as

(1) Combining various management tools like planning organizing controlling and communication of activities.

(2) Although it has a pit fall of being cyclical in nature.

(3) It will be used in this study to ensure that there is organizational harmony.


This literature reviewed communication as a pillar in human resource administration (Ayotola Aremu and Olasukonmi 2006: 4), four models illustrating types of communication systems showing structure of organizational information system with three level, in a pyramidal order the management support being at the apex, support of knowledge work at the middle while the operation support is at the based (Encyclopaedia Britannica inc. Vol. 2 pp: 626). We also observed that the operational level are transaction processing system through which products are designed.

The classical communication theory of Shannon’s communication model which showed interrelationship among pars giving example of A video recording of Shakespeare Julius Caesar explaining that the information source is the video tape, which the transmitter is the video tape, while the transmitter is the video tape recorder.

It also explained that the effectiveness of communication must be measured by the behaviour of the receiver.


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